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Our Team

OlyMAP started as a volunteer program, made up of people committed to creating and building community.

We are now a non-profit with several paid staff supporting our programs and outreach to camps. Volunteers and our community partners and friends continue to be essential to our work and mission.

Our Admin

Tye Gundel
Co-Director, Program Coordinator

Tye (she/her) has been involved in activism and advocacy around the Houseless Community for many years. Currently, Tye uses her experience, connections and knowledge to strengthen our programs and keep us on a path of growth and accessibility, thank you Tye, for getting us started and for keeping us going.

Robert Bruce
Co-Director, Operations Coordinator

Robert (he/him) is the creator of Mutual Aid Mondays, a weekly supply and food distribution program that has been running since October 2018. Robert now serves as our Operations Coordinator, helping to keep our programs sustainable and managing our contracts.

Becca Chrisler
Site Support & Hotel Program Coordinator

Becca (she/they) is responsible for overseeing the Site Support program and helping to create tailored Collective Management programs at camps OlyMAP works with. She also works on OlyMAP’s hotel program Stability Stays, which provides transitional stays to folks experiencing homelessness in Thurston County.

Jenny Milchenko
Quality Assurance and Data Specialist

Jenny (she/they) is the Data Machine behind all of our work. She is instrumental in grant writing, keeping us on task and headed towards our goals. Jenny brings a unique perspective to the team that is drawn from her experience in creating data systems that enable us to see our impact within the communities we work in.

Our Team

Our Team is made up of Mobile Case Workers, Site Support Workers and Admin. We  divide our time between the office and the sites that we work at, taking services directly to the people in our community.

Our Team is helping to shape and define what OlyMAP is and our work within the field.

Our Volunteers

Many of our volunteers are involved in multiple ways, others stick with what they like best, all of us are proud of what we do to help. Thank you all for what you do! None of our work would be possible without you.

Our Volunteers make it possible for many residents to have clean laundry, cooked food, get propane tanks refilled and tiny homes installed. This incredible community based work is what makes our community feel united and strong.