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We would be nothing without our partners. Many are individuals who volunteer to help us provide basic services like laundry and making/distributing food. Other partners are distinguished organizations within the Olympia community who do incredible work to support our community and all who call our community home. Below are our partner organizations.


Greater Regional Outreach Workers League (GROWL)

OlyMAP is a an active particpant in G.R.O.W.L, a group of representatives from various social service agencies who work together to coordinate outreach and support for residents of encampments in Thurston County.

Westminster Presbyterian Church

We welcome all people to worship the living God through Christ, while together we learn to love and care for one another, grow in faith, and promote social justice.

Westminster Presbyterian works with OlyMAP to provide weekly hygiene services for people who live in encampments along Wheeler Ave in Olympia.


Holy Wisdom Inclusive Catholic Community

We are Holy Wisdom Inclusive Catholic Community. We Joyfully embrace and live the gospel message of Jesus with deeply rooted love. Members of the community participate in decision making at monthly community meetings where they share information, discuss issues and develop ideas.

We collaborate, share information, and work together whenever possible to support each other’s work. 

Partners in Prevention Education

PiPE’s mission is to partner with houseless, street-dependent, and marginalized survivors to reduce harm, provide opportunities to heal from trauma, fight systemic oppression and build lasting connections for our community.

PiPE and OlyMAP work together to provide outreach and other supports to houseless individuals who living in encampments. 

The United Churches of Olympia (UNITED)

The United Churches is a federation of two protestant denominations: the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Church of Christ. We are a liberal, progressive church that welcomes all, loves God, follows Jesus Christ and are empowered and nurtured by the Spirit to engage in our community.

UNITED and OlyMAP work together to provide self-governance and health and safety support for the residents of the Nickerson Encampment in Olympia.  We also work together to provide community workshops about homelessness and to support each other’s work in any way we can!

First Christian Church

We are an open and affirming congregation who gathers in the heart of downtown Olympia. We confess that the institutional Church has, at times, harmed people by denying them God’s unconditional love, but as a people of faith, we profess the worth and dignity of every person and recognize each one as created in the image of God.

FCC has stepped up time and time again to support unsheltered Thurston County residents. We collaborate, share information, and work together whenever possible to support each other’s work. 

First United Methodist Church

We are a community-focused church that values love, grace and inclusion. We value the ancient traditions of our faith while enjoying innovation in ministry and progressive thinking about God. We are a growing congregation of people on a faith journey. We welcome you to visit, to share, and to belong.

We collaborate, share information, and work together to raise awareness about this crisis and solutions in our County by working together to host workshops and community discussions.

Concerned Clergy of Olympia

We are a coalition of religious leaders collaborating on social and civic issues impacting the greater Olympia community. Rooted in the shared understanding of our inter-connectedness, we gather in solidarity across religious traditions to uphold the values of our faiths in the public square.

Many members of this coaliton are listed as our partners and like many of those partners, this organization has shown up time and time again to support our unsheltered neighbors and a safe and compassionate community for all.