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New Volunteer Orientation Saturday, December 19th 2:30-4:30 pm on Zoom

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OlyMAP’s next Volunteer Orientation will take place on Saturday, December 19th from 2:30-4:30pm.

This orientation will include:

1. An introduction to OlyMAP’s story, our goals, values,

2. An introduction to the current housing & homelessness situation in Thurston County

3. An overview of OlyMAP’s current camp projects, the history of those projects, and why we do the work we do.

4. Overview of volunteer roles, responsibilities, required & recommended trainings, Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics

5. Time for questions and discussion

To register to attend our orientation, please click here.

If you cannot make the orientation, don’t worry! We will be recording the orientation and will be able to share the video with folks who are unable to attend. We will be asking volunteers who watch the recording to complete additional questionnaires and “quizzes.”If you plan to attend the orientation, please take some time to complete our Volunteer Intake Form before attending.

Below is a list of the types of volunteer work available through OlyMAP. There are a lot!  We will talk about each of these in more detail at next week’s orientation. 

General outreach: Regular outreach to encampments. Checking in with residents, connecting residents to resources & other OlyMAP services as requested, distributing supplies, communicating needs to larger groups.

Encampment systems & self-governance support: Working closely with encampment residents to support and facilitate systems of self-governance and management. Also working with encampment residents, neighbors, local jurisdictions, and other community partners to address health, safety, and community concerns related to specific encampments. 

Laundry support: Doing laundry at home, taking people to laundromats, transporting laundry between encampments & laundry-doer’s homes. 

Garbage support: Coordinating garbage services and support for encampments. Organizing clean-ups.Working with encampment residents to improve waste management. 

Building/maintenance support: Working with encampment residents to improve shelter and community structures, so that they are safer and healthier. Teaching carpentry and building skills as needed to encampment residents.

Supply & food distribution: Attending weekly events at encampments to distribute basic survival supplies and food. 

Neighborhood liaisons: Working with people in your own neighborhoods to organize/collect/distribute supplies and/or provide other support to encampments located near you (like laundry support).

Transportation of supplies and/or people: Picking up & dropping off supply donations. Giving rides to appointments. Providing transportation/moving support to people being displaced or voluntarily moving locations. 

Mending clothing: Mending clothing on a regular basis or as needed to reduce clothing waste. 

Preparing food: Preparing food for weekly food/supply distribution events or more infrequently for larger events.

Preparing care kits: Preparing supply kits on a regular basis or as needed for distribution to encampments.

Fundraising: Organizing fundraising campaigns and community events.

Grant research & writing: Researching & completing grant applications and developing proposals for potential contracts.

Social media support & website management: Updating social media platforms and website as needed. Engaging community through social media.
Administrative support: Fielding emails & calls, volunteer/staff recruitment and training, data support, spreadsheet management, etc.