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Helping Camps with Deliveries and Supplies

During this COVID-19 crisis, camps are being hit the hardest while having less access to food and supplies support given by public and private services. OlyMAP provides essential services to our houseless neighbors and connect them to other essential services that others fill.

If you would like to make food for a camp, do a service, or have supplies to donate (either bought or from clearing out the garage), please contact us at

What we can do is help connect what you would like to do with a service that needs filling.

To see how you can help and what services are needed, please visit Our Volunteers page to see how others work within our organization or Our Services page to see what help you would like to give.

When we help each other, we keep our community strong and healthy. We are doing our best to maintain safe social distancing practices while still aiding our neighbors so that they can stay healthy through this crisis.