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Get Involved

There are many ways to help our houseless neighbors. We are an organization run by paid staff and volunteers who are proud to support the unhoused community in various ways. Some work with us through our partner organizations, some are simply individuals in our community. All love our greater community.

Mutual Aid Mondays

Every Monday, a group of volunteers bring food and hygiene supplies to an encampment. Many volunteers cook food and drop it off on site, or bring clothes and supplies from home or donated to churches.  Many of our volunteers like to stay and get to know our houseless neighbors better. This is an important and reliable resource for our community.

Email us at if you want to help out!


Laundry Fairies and Do-ers

One of the biggest needs of any encampment is the availability to dry and clean clothes. Volunteers pick up laundry (Laundry Fairies) and take them to volunteers to do the laundry (Laundry Do-ers). The Fairies then pick the laundry back up and redistribute them to the people in camps. Each Fairy has designated people to pick up for and coordinates with the Do-ers for location and time of drop offs and pick ups. OlyMAP can help make these connections and provide a basic structure to help complete this weekly task.

Email us at if you want to learn more.

Do You Have Donations?

From clearing out the garage, buying necessities and making food, OlyMAP is partnered with several local organizations and people to bring these supplies to encampments. Donations of items and clothing can be taken to First Christian Church (701 Franklin Street SE, Olympia 98501) Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. If this does not fit in with your schedule, please contact us at so we can coordinate a pick up or drop off.

During the COVID-19 crisis, First Christian Church will NOT be open to accept drop off donations, so please contact us using the email address above to arrange for a pick-up or drop-off at another location.  or you can contact us at to arrange a pick up. 
Donations of food or ready to eat food items can be delivered to Volunteers or picked up.

Please visit our Donate page for more information.