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There are many ways to be there for our houseless neighbors. OlyMAP is able to offer some services that are run by staff, volunteers or both. Our services are centered in camps, lowering the barriers to connecting to services. We work hard to build relationships with camps we provide services to, and connect people in the community to each other.

If you’re interested in volunteering, email us at

Mutual Aid Mondays

Mutual Aid Mondays started in October 2018 in downtown Olympia. The project followed camps as they got swept from downtown and OlyMAP decided to place MAM at the Jungle in 2020. 3 Magnets Brewery and Volunteers make food, volunteers bring the the set up, supplies and food.

Regular supplies include wipes, toilet paper, water, clothes, socks and batteries.

Volunteers can cook, pass out food or supplies and participate in community building. This is an important and reliable resource for our community.

OlyMAP supports MAM with community, clothing and supply donations.

Laundry Services

One of the biggest needs of any encampment is the availability to dry and clean clothes. This vital service can prevent medical and hygiene issues. Laundry service is offered to camp residents at camps OlyMAP does regular outreach at.

Outreach workers pick up laundry on Tuesdays, bring to the office where volunteers pick up laundry and wash in-home or at laundromat. Laundry is brought back to the office on Thursday and outreach workers redistribute them to the folks in camps.

Camp Clean-ups

Camps do not have connection to garbage services, and trash can accumulate without this every-day amenity. In a perfect world, we would

OlyMAP can organize camp clean ups with camps, providing supplies, water and snacks. Staff and volunteers can participant in the clean up, and volunteers take waste to the dump or OlyMAP advocates for the City to pay for a dumpster.


Propane Services

Safe heating resources keep camps safe, allow for folks to cook, stay warm and stay dry. Propane services and funding can provide camps with a regular supply for safe use and lessen camp fires.

OlyMAP facilitates propane services at camps, volunteers pick up, fill up and drop off propane to Nickerson biweekly.

When funding is available, OlyMAP runs propane services for camps not receiving propane from sponsors or other organizations.


Do You Have Donations?

From clearing out the garage, buying necessities and making food, OlyMAP is partnered with several local organizations and people to bring these supplies to encampments. Donations of items and clothing can be taken to First Christian Church (701 Franklin Street SE, Olympia 98501) Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. If this does not fit in with your schedule, please contact us at so we can coordinate a pick up or drop off.

Please visit our Donate page for more information.