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OlyMAP’s next Volunteer Orientation will take place on Saturday, December 19th from 2:30-4:30pm. This orientation will include: 1. An introduction to OlyMAP’s story, our goals, values, 2. An introduction to the current housing & homelessness situation in Thurston County 3. An overview of OlyMAP’s current camp projects, the history of those projects, and why we Read More

Helping Camps with Deliveries and Supplies During this COVID-19 crisis, camps are being hit the hardest while having less access to food and supplies support given by public and private services. OlyMAP provides essential services to our houseless neighbors and connect them to other essential services that others fill. If you would like to make Read More

There are many ways to aid and help our community. In this article you can find information on what these different methods look like. Read More

Contacting our public offices is one of the most important thing a house individual can do for our Houseless Neighbors. Reach out and help us advocate for their basic needs and rights. Read More

During this hard time, our houseless neighbors will suffer the most, everyday supplies and more will help them get through this! Read More